Who is SFA ?

Inventor of the famous Sanibroyeur, SFA is the specialist of floor-mounted macerators and pumps. 

These units receive wastewater directly from the toilet, shower, basin and bath, macerates any solids, and pumps it away, either vertically or horizontally, to the nearest sewer pipe. The units are installed easily, and requires no breaking of concrete, or major construction or plumbing. The same process will apply whether you plan to install a new kitchen or laundry.

The recent acquisition of Zehnder Pumpen, a German manufacturer of water treatment pumps for industry, home and garden, enables us to complete our offer of floor-mounted and underground stations in order to cover the market needs, from domestic, professional to industrial waster water management solutions.

Floor standing lifting station

Easy to install, our floor mounted lifting stations reduces installation costs and will evacuate wastewater from mulitple bathrooms or kitchens.

Underground lifting station

SFA's range of underground pumping station equipped with one or two submersible pumps.

Cellar pumps

Submersible pumps for grey water drainage applications. 

Submersible pumps

Range of submersible pumps of sewage, clear water or rain water

Grease separators

Fully equipped grease traps and separators for easy installation. 

Other solutions

Many more Made in Germany solutions to cover the pumps' industry requirement


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