Condensate pumps for air conditioning

Air conditioners generate condensate that may need to be collected so that it can be removed discreetly.

To meet this need, SFA offers a range of silent and efficient solutions for draining condensate from air conditioners from refrigeration 8 kW.

Condensate pumps for air conditioning

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Air conditioners are a perfect remedy against the heat which is becoming more and more prevalent. Placed in living areas such as the lounge or office, generally not affected by internal/external factors. In order for your air conditioner to function optimally, you must drain all the condensate.


Evaporation of condensate from the air conditioner: why?


The air conditioner produces steam when these substances turn into liquids due to the heat, the residue is called condensate. This liquid is poisonous and must be drained. The regulations prohibit the discharge of condensate into wastewater. For this reason, it is necessary to install a lifting system which allows this evacuation into a ceiling. 

Evacuating condensate from the air conditioner: three solutions


FA's expertise offers you three lifting systems for your air conditioner. Sanicondens Clim Deco is a lift pump for draining condensate from wall-mounted air conditioners. Its pretty design makes it discreet .

Sanicondens Clim Mini S is a small pump that can easily be integrated into your wall-mounted air conditioner. Silent, it works in two stages: first the condensates will arrive in the detector then will be emptied using a suction pump.

Sanicondens Clim Pack S is an aesthetic solution. It comes in the form of a very easy to install kit which contains the Sanicondens Clim Mini S pump delivered with trunking. This pack combines several advantages: functionality, silence and design.  

Each of these solutions is easy to install. Supplied with a numbered and schematically illustrated user manual, you can easily integrate it into your wall-mounted air conditioning system. You can refer to the characteristics of the condensate drain system on the website.