Lifting station

Find the right lifting station to fit your needs


Why should I install a lifting station?


Lifting stations are powerful pumps that drain waste water from the home, and even from public buildings. Some models are equipped with a macerating system that pumps out waste water while other use Vortex technology.



Should I choose a floor standing or below-ground lifting station?


Whatever your project, be it an individual home, a commercial coffee shop or a communal shower block at a glamping site, Saniflo has a range of products to help you find the right solution. From the Sanifos range which are placed below ground and is perfect when drainage is too low for the sewer, or the Sanicubic and Sanicom ranges which sit above ground for easy installation and are designed to suit differing projects depending on your needs. The Sanicom range is perfect for removing grey water, whilst the Sanicubic range can deal with black water.